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Stephanie M Turner was born in Oxford on February 11th the youngest of three girls. She doesn’t believe the year is important because many people have pre-conceived ideas about age but to her age is just a number. She believes the important thing is how you feel, and she says she always feel like she is still in her late teens or early twenties.


She began writing when she was very little. Her parents nurtured her love of books and imagination from an early age, for both writing and reading. A lot of her ideas came from the summer holidays she and her family spent in Weymouth, and the very creative, and sometimes dramatic stories she and her sisters would put their toys through when they played.




On entering her teens she discovered books about romance, and at the same time her dad discovered North Devon. Their holidays to this wonderful part of the country inspired her so much that her writing changed. She doesn’t know what happened to all of those literary creations,

‘like many other people we lose things as we get older’ she says, ‘and at the time they really didn't seem that important. But what is important to me, is that they were the beginning and the root of my writing. I learnt a lot from them, and though they no longer exist physically they are in my memories’.

Although a qualified teacher, she now lives in a lovely seaside village in Devon with her husband, and concentrates mainly on her writing.

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