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By Sasmjadahoha Publishing, Dec 13 2015 08:48PM

Stephanie M Turner's new young adult novel is now available.

For all those who have read and enjoyed Fifteen Going On Grown Up, this teen thriller will bring back some of the characters.

It is genuinely spine chilling with a sensational conclusion.

By Sasmjadahoha Publishing, Apr 29 2015 10:50AM

Hello everyone. It's been a while since Sasmjadahoha Publishing posted on the blog. A lot has been happening.

However, the most exciting news is that Stephanie M Turner is busy writing her latest teen novel,

Dana Lost.

This one is a thriller, with plenty of chills to set your heart thumping.

Look out for it in the Autumn.

By Sasmjadahoha Publishing, Jan 25 2015 04:34PM

Hi All

So far this new year has started off with a spring.

The Christmas release of Stephanie M Turner's Ripples In The Silk has been received very well so look out for a new Young Adult title from her later in the year.

Any new or aspiring authors out there who need help, advise or just a little encouragemnet, please do message us and we will reply. Also we won't keep you waiting weeks, we will get back to you as soon as we receive your email.

By Sasmjadahoha Publishing, Nov 20 2014 09:08AM

Look out for this exciting new novel.

Caroline Shelton’s long term, on, off relationship with Frank is about to become permanent, as the wedding day comes around. But will the nuptials go ahead? And what of the young, very wealthy Gregory Taylor-York, Caroline’s new client. Quintessentially English, alluringly handsome, and exceedingly sexy, Gregory is very hard to resist.

Caroline’s complex life is about to become more complicated. As the days fly by and the new year begins, Caroline has to make some important decisions and choices about her future.

By Sasmjadahoha Publishing, Oct 21 2014 12:33PM

Look out for Stephanie M Turner's new novel Ripples In The Silk, out at the beginning of December. It will make an ideal Christmas gift.

Caroline Shelton's life is not going as she planned. Complications aplenty, romance and sex, all for Christmas.

Ripples In The Silk is a Christmas romance, with a little eroticism thrown in to keep you warm on a cold winter's night.

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