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Daniel Brown does not like sport, any sport, but especially football. He prefers to draw and paint. Because of this his father Daz bullies and abuses him. His mother Kiki despises him because he’s not the tough boy she wanted to give her husband.


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Daniel struggles at school, has no friends and no one to turn to, until his  neighbour old Mr Granger takes him under his wing. At the same time, Daniel’s Food Tech teacher discovers Daniel can cook very well, and enters him into the Junior Superchef Competition. Daniel also meets Ella, a pretty confident teenager two years older than him, who cares and supports him.

From then on Daniel’s life changes, and along with it danger and pain, culminating in a dramatic conclusion.



The Lads ‘Round



Each time the front door had been knocked, tapped, rapped or thumped, Daniel had been hollered at to open it and let the lads in. Each time he had done Daz’s bidding and opened the front door for the lads, he had been cuffed around the head, slapped on the back too hard, or playfully as Daz put it, thumped on the arm by the lads. Daz was Daniel’s father and having the lads ‘round to watch their favourite team play football on the television was a regular occurrence. So too was the bullying that came with it.

With the lads all settled in the lounge glued to the television, and surrounded by bottles of beer and packets of crisps, Daniel tried to sneak upstairs to his room. His mother Kiki was in the kitchen with his two older sisters, Sarah twenty one and Natalie eighteen, so he thought he just might make it.


Caramel Cupcakes

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