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Hally slowly traced the shape of her body with her hands, examining it inch by inch. At the back of her mind was a little fear that kept telling her what she was seeing must be a trick of the mirror. In reality she knew this wasn’t true because now the names had changed from ‘pasteboard’ to ‘tissue bra’.

It seemed to Hally that the popular group just had it in for her and no matter what she looked like or what sort of person she was, they were always going to find a reason to ridicule her and be hateful. Mum had told her countless times that they were just jealous, but jealous of what Hally couldn’t fathom.




Making a fool of yourself in front of the boy you really like, being taunted by the popular girls and going through trials and tribulations with your best friends - all teenage rites of passage, and things Hally Mackeller, a young girl, is going through in Fifteen Going on Grown Up.


Hally faces all the ups and downs of teen life with her two best friends, Clia and Corrinne, dealing with her own emotions as first kisses evolve into real teenage sexual feelings. At the beginning of the summer holidays, Hally meets a boy called Wes, with whom she nervously embarks on her first relationship, despite him being three and a half years older than her. They’ve been going out for a year when Hally finds out a devastating secret, and other traumatic, painful and sad experiences further test Hally’s emotional maturity and strength.


Reminiscent of coming-of-age authors like Meg Cabot, Karen McCombie and Judy Blume, Fifteen Going On Grown Up will resonate with teenage girls who are worried about their appearance - and their first kiss.


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Fifteen Going On

Grown Up

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