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For all of her life Derby has just existed. Even as an only child her parents barely noticed her, she believed, because she was a girl and they had wanted a boy. They pressured her into marriage on her sixteenth birthday when she thought she was pregnant, and then never spoke to or saw her again. Her husband’s mother and sister hate her as they insist she deliberately trapped David into marriage, especially when it turns out the pregnancy was a false alarm. Even to the man she’s married to, she is invisible. She has no allies.


As the years pass by, Derby concentrates hard on her career as the manager of a nursery and is respected by the staff who work for her, but no one knows her. She doesn’t even know herself. Her life is as it is, or so she presumes. Until she wakes on the morning of her fortieth birthday, which also happens to be her twenty four year wedding anniversary, and finds her first grey hair. In that one moment, she realises that her whole life and marriage is and has been dull, loveless and lifeless, and she must now do something to change it.


From then on she embarks on a journey of self-empowerment and discovery, where co-workers become friends, and neighbours watchful defenders. A journey full of moments that will make the reader laugh, cry and fall in love all over again. With a great deal of effort and determination, she emerges from a grey mundane existence into a world of colour. Where lies and secrets intertwine with revenge, drama and a large helping of love and romance, to a dramatic conclusion.


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Derby stirred as her iphone trilled out an unknown piece of guitar music, which she had randomly set as her alarm call months ago when her new phone had first arrived. Barely opening her eyes she reached for the phone and switched the alarm off. Opening her eyes fully, she didn’t even look at the time, knowing it would be six thirty in the morning. For a minute she lay on her back looking at the white ceiling of her bedroom.

“No not my bedroom, our bedroom.”

She whispered to herself, glancing sideways at her still sleeping husband David. Nothing short of an explosion woke David. Usually she would have to shake him awake or he simply would not get up for work, but this morning, Derby just didn’t feel like the mundane routines the couple went through every day, had gone through every day for the last twenty four years.

“Twenty four years of married bliss”

Again Derby whispered to the room, a pink bedroom with pink flowered wallpaper and woodwork a shade pinker than the paper. A pink bedroom that had not been changed for ten years.


Out Of The Grey

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