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Ripples In The Silk

Caroline stood in the centre of the Bridal Boutique’s dressing room. Mirrors reflected her image on three sides, allowing her to see the dresses from every angle. She was now twisting and turning the fourth dress she had tried on. She lifted the hem and swayed, pressing her lips together, frowning. The Boutique assistant stood to one side, a blank expression on her face. So far she had made no comment on any of the dresses, simply helping Caroline in and out of each one.

Derby, Caroline’s close friend sat patiently on a chic pink and blue sofa, bobbing her baby girl Melody on her knee. On a small antique side table stood a bottle of Moet and two half filled glasses. Derby had allowed herself to sip slowly one glass, Caroline was already on her third.

“One of the perks to shopping for a wedding gown.”

Caroline had stated when they first arrived at the Bridal Boutique. Derby wasn’t so sure, but kept silent. She knew how important Caroline’s wedding day was to her, and if drinking champagne whilst choosing her gown helped, then she would happily go along with it. Besides, one day in the not too distant future, she might be doing the same thing. That is if David would hurry up and sign the divorce papers.

“Earth to Derby.”

Derby glanced up quickly.

“Sorry Caroline. I was miles away.”

Caroline lifted the dress high, plodded over to her friend and plonked down on the sofa next to her. She reached for her glass of champagne at the same time Melody launched herself onto her lap, making both women laugh. The assistant took a tiny step forward, a look of alarm crossing her face, expecting the wine to spill onto the dress. Caroline managed to catch Melody and hold the glass high at the same time. The assistant let out an audible sigh of relief and went back to standing still, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Phew! This is exhausting.”

Caroline exclaimed. Derby giggled.

“More so with half a bottle of champagne inside you.”

Caroline grinned.

“Yeah, but totally necessary. So what do you think of this one?”

She asked, plucking at the dress. Derby shrugged.

“Hmm, too frilly.”

Caroline sighed, and nodded in agreement. She drained her glass, passed Melody back to Derby and bounced to her feet.

“Next one then.”

Caroline Shelton’s long term, on, off relationship with Frank is about to become permanent, as the wedding day comes around. But will the nuptials go ahead? And what of the young, very wealthy Gregory Taylor-York, Caroline’s new client. Quintessentially English, alluringly handsome, and exceedingly sexy, Gregory is very hard to resist.

Caroline’s complex life is about to become more complicated. As the days fly by and the new year begins, Caroline has to make some important decisions and choices about her future.


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